Looking for help getting started with personal mod development

I have been thinking about making mods for Minecraft recently, but I’ve never really known where to start. I have about 5+ years of Java programming experience but it always feels like there is way more than just Java involved and it’s a bit of an information overload, even with the Quilt template mod I am a little bit overwhelmed with the raw amount of substance I see before me.

I’m wondering what sources I could look to that may help better breakdown the simple parts of Minecraft modding, as compatible with Quilt (since I suppose I may as well start here, assuming any such tutorials or guides exist), and what people recommend when just starting out.

Also, I don’t really have any true ideas as to what I would make for a mod, I haven’t thought that far ahead… but just having a base to start with could allow me to slowly expand my ideas in the future, and make some more cool stuff.