Media Recommendation Megathread

This can be for recommending many things, from youtube videos, to movies, to articles you find interesting (tho keep music to Music Recommendation Megathread)

to start Pixel Art Animation. Reinvented - Astortion Devlog - YouTube

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Is it finally the time and place where I can advocate for a great Pixar movie? :hyped:

Turning Red and Soul are really nice movies to watch, but both have different aspects to them.

Turning Red is a refreshing breeze from all other pixar movies, being more “light headed”, while still keeping a strong second lecture. If you like animation, you’ll feel right at home, with the best animations I’ve seen.

Soul is more classic, with Pete Doctor as Director, but is a feat on the rendering (exposing the new features of the RenderMan engine), and on the character design, with the advisors (“Jerry”) taking a big challenge on the rendering engine (the changelogs were quite funny). Other than that, the message it tries to convey, while a bit muffled, was an electroshock for me ^^