Minecraft doesn't launch

Hello, I need some help launching Minecraft. It crashes everytime i try to launch it. If someone can help me it is very appreciated.

This looks like an error within midnightlib - if you have a regular log, that might be useful for figuring out which mod bundles it, if you don’t explicitly have it in your mods folder.

Srry for the late reply but I managed to find out what mod didn’t let me launch minecraft . It was effecctive, Just took it out and minecraft opened. It was a shot in a dark but I wanted to make sure if any mods were having conflicts. After 1h of taking out various mods I found it was the effective mod. Thing is it was only effective, maybe i’ll wait for an update for that mod.

Thanks for the help tho, if I didn’t found it might have needed to send you another log.
Have a nice Xmas

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