Minecraft fails to load due to mixin failure

When I try to launch the game, it crashes. I recently swapped to Quilt with my huge modpack, and can’t figure out which mod causes this issue, but it seems like it have something to do with milk bucket mixin. Quilt 1.19.2 Server Log [#juDX0I1] - mclo.gs

Looks like Programmer Art Injector - someone submitted a support request with a similar error. It appears that this mod makes use of Fabric loader internals that Quilt doesn’t implement - try removing it and see where that gets you.

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Programmer Art Injector was embedded in Spectrum mod, removing it fixed this issue, but in my case the game crashes anyways, just without the message about Programmer Art Injector in my logs this time. It’s probably because of mixin injection failure, but I have no clue which mod causes it

Post another log? We can always drill down each error.

This one looks like peculia is conflicting with quilt_status_effects. You could try removing Peculia, or reporting the problem to their issue tracker.

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According to peculia’s issue tracker, they are aware that this mixin is causing incompatibilities. I also found a workaround for this: removing milk overhaul from peculia’s config and deleting milk bucket mixin from peculia.mixins.json allows me to launch the game with this mod on quilt. Programmer Art Injector was removed from new versions of Spectrum; they have not yet been released, but can be found on the github actions of their repo.
Thank you so much for helping me with this.

Also, is there any particular reason for my posts with links to logs to be flagged?

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