More subcategories in the Mod Dev category

There doesn’t seem to be any categories for stuff like “blocks”, “gui” or other parts of MC modding.

A possible solution would be to add these extra tags.

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Parity (or semi parity) with the mod development category on the quilt discord might be a good idea

essentially there should be a few more subcategories added and then a catch-all “other” subcategory

The only one missing here that’s present on discord is networking - there’s no need for an other tag IMO as you can already filter by “no tag”.

Is there value in adding more tags? I’m not sure if there’s any point in adding non-specialised tags in that category.

i had assumed everything had to be tagged with something so that’s why i made this suggestion

Tags are meant to aid search, they’re not a formality. It won’t let you post without the right tags, where I’ve configured it to require them.