New Sponsor: Capitol Hosting Solutions

Hi everyone

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve accepted a new infrastructure sponsorship from Capitol Hosting Solutions (CHS), a Seattle-based company that offers a variety of gaming, web, and Discord bot servers. Normally, we’d open the floor to discuss the sponsorship before deciding whether to accept it or not, but unfortunately we’re not able to do that this time due to the following circumstances.

For the past 10 months, Quilt has been sponsored by Starchild Systems, and they’ve hosted the forum, the Collab Wiki and a couple of Cozy bots at no charge to us. They have decided to end the sponsorship, and so we needed to find another host. Fortunately, we’ve worked with CHS before on BlanketCon, and when they heard that we were looking for a new host, they immediately offered to step in as a new sponsor. We want to make the transition as quickly as possible to avoid taking up space on Starchild Systems’ infrastructure, so having a feedback stage that’s long enough to let everyone have their say isn’t really viable.

Although having processes and gathering feedback from you is important, the balance is a bit different when we’re spending Starchild Systems’ money by waiting around, and when we’ve previously worked with the sponsor and know they aren’t harmful. We’re going to follow the proper process whenever we can in future, but hopefully you understand why we had to make an exception this time. Even though we have to move ahead with the sponsorship, we still welcome your questions and feedback.