Newest Quilt loader (0.8.0) wont open with official mc launcher?

I was trying to update and get the newest version of the Quilt launcher since the one I had was old (ver0.5.0), but when I tried to launch the .exe (windows ver) it gave me this error message:
“You must have launched Minecraft (1.18.2 or above) with the official launcher at least once to open the installer.”
It then told me to go here if issues persist.
I know I had played a vanilla instance later in the week, but I went ahead and booted up 1.18.2 and then exited out of it to try the Quilt launcher again.
I got the same error message.
Then I tried the .jar (the universal file) and it gave me an error too (but a different one):
“A Java Exception has occurred.”
I went ahead and updated my java and it still gave the same message.

Not sure if something is wrong with my mc or its the quilt launcher and I wonder if I should try redownloading my mc launcher just to see if that fixes it.

Nothing wrong with your PC. The installer is supposed to use Minecrafts built-in Java installation, which fails for a lot of people, for some reason. And the universal jar requires a standalone Java 17 to be present, which I assume is not the case for you? In both situations, people reported this to be a working solution: Releases · QuiltMC/quilt-native-installer · GitHub.

And just an FYI - you aren’t missing anything by not utilizing the latest installer, all Quilt versions should be visible via any installer. Newer versions are only meant to either fix some issues or improve the overall usability.

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