Not being able to download quilt at all

so i literally can’t install quilt

Screenshot 2022-10-01 211126

it always says loading in the exe file
I’m on windows with java 17

There are some issues with the current installer - it’s currently being rewritten as a native installer, so you might have more luck with it. It’s still in development, but you can grab the latest beta release here.

Ok thanks I’ll try it today

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it didnt work again, same response

Are you sure you didn’t just run the same installer again? I have never seen this problem with the native installer. Can you share a screenshot?

i redownloaded, i tested it and it didn’t work same response

We’d prefer to see a screenshot to be sure that you’re using the right installer download.

I’m using multimc now, sorry for not replying for so long, thanks anyways!

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