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Now Playing is a Fabric and Forge mod compatible with Quilt that adds a notification toast (seen above) which tells you the name of the song that is currently playing.

By default, all songs added by vanilla are supported, and custom music is supported by adding custom language file entries, like this:

    "now_playing.sound.bgm:music/test/song": "Kevin MacLeod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys"

bgm:music/test/song is the name from sounds.json. The result:

There are also configuration options! You can choose to forgo these toasts, and instead show the song name above the hotbar like Jukeboxes, or make Jukeboxes use toasts. The possibilities are endless! (almost)

You can get Now Playing for 1.18.2 here, from CurseForge or GitHub:

Client-side; requires Fabric API or Quilted Fabric API.


Nice Mod.
Tho I would also be cool to see it for things like Spotify, heck maybe even YouTube.
Still really cool mod!

I decided against integrating with Spotify or such, because like this the mod’s scope is nice and small and I have less to maintain. I just wanted to know what the in-game songs were called. Besides, I think there are other mods that do that already?

Oh ok. It’s your choice. And I do acknowledge the Point u bring across. If there are mods for that, I seem to be blind. Non the less, still a great job and mod!

Now Playing for Minecraft 1.19 is now out!

Including the names of all your favourite songs, like Ancestry, Labyrinthine, Aerie and Firebugs! (In fact, that’s all of them)

Get it from CurseForge or GitHub here:

Quilt and Fabric:
Either: Release v1.4.1 · Scotsguy/now-playing · GitHub


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Now Playing v1.4.2 for Minecraft 1.19.2

Just adds support for 1.19.2, nothing more.

Get it here:

Quilt and Fabric:
GitHub: Release v1.4.2 · Scotsguy/now-playing · GitHub