QSL Pulling Wrong Modules [After Update?]

QSL has been repeatedly pulling in two different modules that pertain to two different Minecraft versions. No matter how many times I delete them, they re-appear. If I delete them, the game starts and they re-appear, but this causes it to crash any subsequent times until I delete them again.

funny how we* always get the stupidest problems huh

You might want to heavily check what you pull in in your Gradle buildscript as this screams transitive dependencies.

id recommend checking the output of gradle dependencies as it would tell you whos pulling in what

I have no idea why QKL exposes QSL, but excluding those specific things seems to have worked.


dependencies {
// ...
	modImplementation(libs.quilt.lang.kotlin) {
		exclude(group = "org.quiltmc.qsl.item")
		exclude(group = "org.quiltmc.qsl.entity")
// ...

QKL relies on QSL, so it acts as a transitive dependency

Does this regularly happen with Quilt-based dependencies? I’ve never seen anything like this on Fabric.

im only aware of it happening once before, when another QSL module was renamed. Caused issues for a month or 2 before everyone updated.

This happened before with another mod as well. Duplicate QSL Module