Quilt 1.19.2 crashing on startup and logs don't reveal much

This modpack has worked fine on Fabric through Curseforge. I just switched to Prism Launcher so I could run it on Quilt, swapped out the Fabric API with the Quilted Fabric API, but it’s still crashing and I can’t figure out why. Here’s the log: Quilt 1.19.2 Server Log [#STnvY9D] - mclo.gs
Update: I changed my java version to 17 like it said to. The log is slightly different now: Quilt 1.19.2 Server Log [#IJ0IDiP] - mclo.gs

Unfortunately, Decorative Blocks is incompatible with Quilt, at the moment. You can check out the full incompatibility list here: Mod Incompatibility Megathread - User Support - QuiltMC

Update, I changed my Java version to 17 and tried again. Now the crash log is slightly different.

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