Quilt crashes (1.19.4)

I recently moved to Quilt without changing any of my fabric mods, and they all worked. Then, I added a mod that supports Quilt, ViaFabricPlus. Quilt then said it crashed. I ran ViaFabricPlus and Fabric API in a separate environment and without any of my other mods, it worked. I need help finding which mod is the culprit for the crash. ViaFabricPlus only listed incompatibility with multiconnect and ViaFabric.
Which mod is the issue?
Quilt Crash Report

Hey there! Your current crash might to be caused by Spectater, which seems to conflict with some other mod (it isn’t possible for me to easily figure out which one though) and looks like it might need an update to Minecraft versions after 1.19.1 (This might be wrong considering I don’t know whether it worked before or not though).
Since you’re using quilt now, you might also want to replace Fabric-API with QSL/Quilted Fabric-API which you can find here: https://modrinth.com/mod/qsl/version/6.0.0-beta.5+0.78.0-1.19.4

I replaced Fabric API with Quilted Fabric API and removed Spectater since there wasn’t a new version. Then, I got another error which I couldn’t recognize at all.
Quilt Crash Report

Edit: I realized one problem that the mod loader isn’t the latest, so I updated the modloader but I still have issues.
Here’s the updated Quilt Crash Report.

In your latest crash report, you’re using Quilt Loader 0.18.9. Unfortunately, some mods depend on version 0.18.10 (including QSL/QFAPI). You should be able to find this version in the installer or with whatever application you used to install Quilt.

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