Quilt Crashing on 1.19.4

Quilt 0.19.1 crashes on launch crash report here

Seems like polymer common is causing the issue

I don’t have a mod installed called polymer

Oh sorry it seems like brewery is the cause. (I though it was polymer because of what was highlited, but if you look people the one with the dash ((polymer-common)) you see brewery.)

Thank you! I was stuck trying to figure this out for hours.

In the future check between the – Crash – and – Mods --. Usually there is a, “Caused by:” that can help you understand what the issue is. (In this case I saw polymer come up a lot so I did a quick search by doing ctrl + f and found polymer. There was no mob called polymer so I checked if it said any mod and it did, which was brewery.

at eu.pb4.polymer.common.impl.client.ClientUtils.isClientThread(ClientUtils.java:30)
at net.minecraft.class_1799.handler$dob000$polymer-core$polymer$changeStackSize(class_1799.java:10149)
at net.minecraft.class_1799.method_7914(class_1799.java)
at net.minecraft.class_1492.(class_1492.java:24)

I couldn’t find polymer either so that’s why I was confused. Thank you for your tip, I will surely use it in the future!

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