Quilt Native Installer doesn't download and install quilt

The progress bar below is suddenly fulfilled as I click “Install” button, no matter what version I choose. And nothing is downloaded.

Hi, the download itself is only a few kB and completes almost instantly. It is normal for the bar tu turn jhust green (we will likely remove it in the future to avoid confusion.
Can you not launch minecraft after this? If you create a new profile, does it show Quilt under versions?

The problem is that the native installer (the one you’re using) doesn’t support server installation yet. It should have an error; we’ll fix that (and hopefully add installing a server soon).

For now, you can try following the instructions for the java installer.

client installation works fine, but I can’t install server version.

I have tried the java installer, but it can’t load versions so I can’t do server installation. Is there anyway to download the latest beta of quilt for server?

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