Quilt server config creation croaks on Pebblehost

Hi! Im trying to set up Quilt 1.20.1 on a server, and it kept crashing due to '13.07 15:42:56 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to create global config directory at ‘/.config/quilt_loader_and_mods’ '. (MCPaste.io)

See, you may be thinking “Okay, contact Pebblehost. Thats their issue.” and I DID! However, only the most useful responses from Pebblehost came from them, eventually leading them to get their management just to tell me “I’d advise contacting quilt to Debug this, as, it seems to be using non-standard or unfriendly practices, all other mod loaders, including the one its forked from run without issue.”


So… Here we are! Don’t really know where to put this.

You can upgrade your Loader to version 0.19.3-beta.1, it fixes this issue.
I’m not sure how exactly you install Loader on this host so I can’t give more advice.

Thanks a ton! And no worries, I just manually install modloaders most of the time.