Quilt weird incompatibility with Vivecraft

The vivecraft website says it is compatible with both fabric and quilt, however, its not launching for me. Quilt will launch just fine with all my mods if I have vr mode disabled, but when I turn it on, it doesn’t. I don’t think it is an incompatibility with another mod, considering it will launch just fine on Fabric, so I have come here.

What error are you getting?

Im getting Exit Code: 1
I tried to grab a log and a crash report but it is too long to paste here

Please upload the crash report to somewhere like Pastebin. All the exit code means is that there was an error, and is not useful for troubleshooting.

Additionally, what version of Minecraft, quilt-loader, and Vivecraft are you using?

Crash Report (some mods removed in an attempt to fix it): Crash Report - Pastebin.com
Log (without the mods removed it wouldnt crash, just exit code: 1): Log - Pastebin.com
Minecraft 1.19.3
Quilt Loader: 0.17.8-1.19.3
QFAPI: 5.0.0-alpha.9_qsl-4.0.0-beta.5_fapi-0.72.0_mc-1.19.3
Vivecraft: 1.19.3-0.0.13

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Those errors seem to be known incompatibilities between Vivecraft and Sodium Extra/Bedrockify respectively, which will be fixed in the next Vivecraft release. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t happen on Fabric, but this alpha build should fix them: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/923188682909958185/1058429840069513287/vivecraft-1.19.3-0.0.14-a2-fabric.jar

EDIT: I initially included a 1.19.2 link, oops.

It worked! thanks for the help

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