Recomendations for cheap web server hosting

So, I have a question: Do you know of a cheap (less than around 5$/month) service for hosting a web page?

Ideally would support static HTML pages, and not insert (much) junk on top.

Options given by replies thus far:

  • Linode: potentially viable but appears CDN-oriented so a simple setup is hard.
  • Hetzner: 2 Euro/month + 10 up-front lowest, good enough
    • Appears optimal for dynamic webpages.
  • GH Pages: Free, static only, potential lock-in minimized by easy export
  • Cloudflare Pages: Free for decently heavyweight use, tied to Clownflare, lock-in minimized by tying to easily-exportable GH repo.
  • Codeberg Pages: Free, static only, similar to GitHub Pages but without the GitHub.

Linode’s cheapest option is $5. I think there is a German company (forget its name) that is $2.

hetzner? appears to be 2 euros, so guesstimating 2,5-3 USD

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I just use github pages, its static only but A) free B) can hook it up to a CI for publishing

Also makes it easy to host it behind some other address you own rather than <name>

Cloudflare Pages, that’s what powers the Quilt website

for just static html, there are plenty of free options as recommended above. codeberg also has a option for static hosting