Registry remapping failed on dev env server

So, this is a weird one. Using the following:

  • quilt-template-mod, commit 293c5990e6e7b9b42df18946718b22a3f1854884, executing runServer
  • a PolyMC (1.3.2404b9599) instance with Quilt loader 0.17.1-beta.6, QFAPI 2.0.0-beta.9+0.58.0-1.19
  • Temurin build Temurin-17.0.1+12

I cannot connect to the development environment, as I get a registry remapping error:

[10:58:39] [Render thread/ERROR]: Registry remapping failed!
net.fabricmc.fabric.impl.registry.sync.RemapException: Received ID map for minecraft:command_argument_type contains IDs unknown to the receiver!
 - minecraft:test_class
 - minecraft:test_argument

This only happens in runServer with a Quilt client. Connecting from a vanilla client works. Running build and following the server setup instructions works (even with a Quilt client). I am at an utter loss for words on how this happens.

This also happens on my own mod - I’m building a serverside mod that adds custom commands for a specific project. This happens even after a clean after commenting out all of my command-related code, leaving it in a state identical to the template mod.

This also happens with the “Minecraft Server” configuration in IntelliJ IDEA. My current workaround is running the client and using the integrated server in singleplayer.

Any ideas?

Fabric API has the same issue, and I believe it was fixed by Fix registry sync namespace check by apple502j · Pull Request #2356 · FabricMC/fabric · GitHub.

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I’m not sure if I have the time to make a PR for that fix right now - would you be willing to do it?

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Actually, you should already have this change. The fix might be more complex.