SeamlessLoadingScreen problems

Every time I try to load SeamlessLoadingScreen (a fabric mod) I get this error:
Uncaught exception in thread “main”
RuntimeException: Mixin transformation of org.quiltmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.UnusedEmptyTargetClass failed
MixinApplyError: Mixin [seamless_loading_screen.mixins.json:ClientPlayNetworkHandlerMixin from mod seamless_loading_screen] from phase [DEFAULT] in config [seamless_loading_screen.mixins.json] FAILED during PREPARE ClassNotFoundException: The specified mixin ‘com.minenash.seamless_loading_screen.mixin.ClientPlayNetworkHandlerMixin’ was not found

This isn’t enough of a log to help you, but it does indeed seem to be a problem in Seamless Loading Screen.

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