So i want to start creating mods (and programming in general)

so uhh, i have never coded before, but i want to start! i specifically want to make a mod that decreases the cost of repairing tools with an anvil, and that significantly decreases the chances of finding mending in structures and stops librarians from selling it entirely. i might also want to decrease the amount of exp mending consumes, just to compliment it’s increased rarity.

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If you haven’t programmed before, you should learn Java first. This mod idea you have will be difficult to do with little programming knowledge, as you will have to use a couple advanced features.

Welcome to our community!
While I agree with Oro that knowing Java is a prerequisite, I want to point out that your mod idea is very doable. If you are dedicated enough, I don’t think there’s a huge problem in learning Java via modding. However, you will likely need to do a lot of research on how to do stuff, so be prepared for that.
Just be aware that our community isn’t meant as a place for people to learn programming. While sometimes people are motivated to help others learn to code, you need to bring your own initiative and motivation. Most people will happily answer your questions though!

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so do you know where i can go to learn java? i really do want to do this, but it really is tough when you dont know where to start. also, to you and oro, thanks!

If you are a visual learner, this YouTube playlist is an excellent start. It goes over the basics pretty well.