Something worse than 100 parking spaces

Source (Unfortunately not sure where to find the Reddit post this references)

Your goal is to think of something worse than what the above poster said. If you can’t think of something, you you reply with an image saying “100 parking spaces”


This raises the question of what happens if someone refuses to concede defeat. I guess for now, instead of posting the 100 parking spaces images if you can’t think of something worse, post it if you think the previous user’s worse thing is actually better than the thing above them. If three people agree that the above user’s post isn’t worse than the one above it, they lose.

Oh shit, I forgot to start.

Here we go:

An action figure with a missing arm

A Gradle instance that you can’t troubleshoot

A radio station that only plays Nickelback songs.

A radio station that only plays cringeworthy 2010’s pop music.

Having to watch a TV with only infomercials broadcasted

youtube in 5 years

YouTube in ten years

stubbing your big and pinky toe at the same time whilst dropping a ceramic bowl onto concrete

Writing code in Assembly.

Manually writing Malbolge code

Microsoft Teams

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101 parking spaces

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Ignoring red flags and getting burned as a result.

Recognizing the red flags, but still staying the course.

Being a crew member of the Titanic, watching as your captain recognises the red flags, but still stays on the course.