Terrible performance in Vivecraft

I recently installed a bunch of mods on MultiMC to try and play Vivecraft. Here is the list of mods.
Playing just Vivecraft without mods had really bad performance, where I was getting less than 40 fps the entire time, or at least very frequent frame drops. All of the mods from the pastebin just made it worse, going below 30 fps, as well as stuttering, visual artifacts, and not letting me into the game after alt+tabbing out once.
Even after disabling most mods and leaving just the performance mods, it still didn’t make any difference from playing vanilla Vivecraft, which was the thing that surprised me most. I’ve even tried allocating more memory, and that still didn’t change anything. The only thing that would bump up my fps would be to scale down my render resolution and render distance super low, which at that point, is still a horrible experience imo.
All other VR games that I play on SteamVR run perfectly well.
Here are my specs if that could be the problem:
Quest 2 (with link cable)
RTX 3060
Ryzen 5 3600
16 gb ram

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