The Association Thread

This is a forum game where you write down the first word you think of when reading the latest word. This idea was stolen from 607 on the Empire Minecraft Forums: [FORUM GAME] The Association Thread | Empire Minecraft

For example, if one person says “Dirt”, another could say “Minecraft”, another could say “Mojang”, and yet another “poor code quality”. You are not limited to words. Pictures, videos, or whatever you think will fit is also fine if it represents your association better than a word.

  • Try to skip words that you recall being used before recently.
    If you join in later, that’s no problem, you can say whatever you want. But we don’t want to keep repeating the same sequence.
  • Please don’t post more than two posts within 15 minutes. This so that the game’s speed won’t escalate. If somebody accidentally violates this: let them be. But if somebody obviously ignores the rule, you can point them towards it.
  • If you’re posting things besides the actual association, post them in a backtick code section (either one-backtick or three-backtick), like so: This is another comment unrelated to my association!
    Try your best to not let text in these backticks written by other members influence your association.
  • Try to take only the single most recent association to base your association on. If you notice that another recent association in this thread greatly influences your current association, please refrain from posting it.

With all of that out of the way, here’s our first word:



And yes, I am cheating by playing before the release


I will be your partner in crime.

How in the world do you associate cat with cucumber?? And you're both already going against the rules >:(


my cats are absolutely hilarious and I have many of them

2015-16 was a great time for scaring cats with cucumbers



I'm so sorry

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Feta cheese

best cheese <3

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sadge, miss my cheese :(

a more digestible sugar

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apparently it goes sweet if you keep it in your mouth long enough, yay for enzymes

American bread
last i heard, bread in the USA is sweet?

Obama but he’s a piece of bread

i remember that from ages ago idk lol

Edit: American bread mmm


that toast with Jesus on it

Gabe Newell
(I may need to get the Gabe Jesus meme back)

Steam deck

Steamboat Willy

Mickey Mouse

The Rat Pack