The "ban the user above you" forum game

I ban mounderfod for not using XenForo


I ban byte for willingly using brainfuck

i ban octal for forgetting the brainfuck interpreter

I ban woodiertexas for needing a brainfuck interpreter

i ban mounderfod for forgetting their brainfuck interpreter in the quilt-discussion channel on the quilt discord

i ban woodie for not speaking in brainfuck

i ban ember for trying to make 255-dimension arrays in brainfuck

I ban Octal for assuming I wrote that brainfuck code manually

i ban byte for actually writing the brainfuck code manually

I ban WoodierTexas for banning me for something I didn’t do (writing the brainfuck code manually, I did not I used a generator tool)

I ban byte for only being 8 bits

i ban ember for being a 16 bit computer

I ban woodiertexas for commenting

I ban NoComment for the same reason as the message below this one

i ban redblueflame for banning for a non-existent reason

I ban Ember for banning

I ban NoComment for lying, and in fact making comments

I ban Ember for accusing @NoComment of lying

i ban woody for banning me for accusing NoComment of lying