The Logistics of Minecraft - Players

Alright, this is a little bit of a nostalgic thing for me. For context, on an old forum that has since died for a Roblox game, I ran a series called the “Logistics of” which was basically me rambling on about how abilities in said game have odd ramifications. I decided to bring it over here now. So watch out.

Players, they are us in Minecraft. Your a player, I’m a player, everyone is a player. But what is a player like physically? Now, for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to consider every player, at their core in game, to be a humanoid character.

What happens when you change your skin in game? Like genuinely, are you wearing a suit? Is it like a full body suit? Or are you stealing someone’s whole body? Are you taking the essence of someone or something? Is it spiritual? Is it like a magical thing where you magically gain the ability to change your whole body? Why isnt there a magic mod that lets me change my appearance to be someone else?

Ignoring that, players are stupidly strong. People already have talked about how 1 player can lift to death, so I wont go there. But lets take note of some other crazy facts. Such as the fact the player can punch a tree with a width of 1 square meter for 3 seconds, miniaturize it, and then absorb it and carry it around somewhere without any serious repercussions??? Now, I think when its worded like that, theres too many questions. Lets go off of them one by one.

Firstly, how is a player able to take down that tree? Like, assuming that the 3 seconds is adjusted into the 24 hour day in the real world, thats still roughly 3 and a half minutes. Lets also note that this is done with a singular hand. A tree that thick should not be possible to destroy with your bare hands in that amount of time. Much less do it without serious injuries. Why isnt the player dealing with splinters (From a non game design perspective of course) and why is this possible?

Alos, what is with the inventory, because again, the player miniaturizes a block and then absorbs it. Is it magic? It has to be, theres no other way. The 22w13oneBlockAtATime snapshot solves this mental issue a little, but still! In the normal game, you can ABSORB THINGS and no one, NO ONE talks about it. WHY CAN YOU ABSORB ITEMS? WHY CAN I USE A SWORD I ABSORBED INTO MY BODY TO FIGHT A STRANGE PIG SHAPED PILE OF EXPLOSIVE LEAVES? WHY?

Does this solve the weight issue? Since its just magically absorbed? And it has to be magically absorbed, because the player is not physically growing.

Ok, lets move from that, why are players able to control object permanence? Again, not from a design perspective. Like if I am smelting a stack of iron and I go out of my magical object permanence range, the iron is not smelted. Like genuinely, how? Theres no such thing as object permanence in Minecraft, and we are basically gods. Which makes me wonder, how was the world able to be generated? Was it some player who ran around chunks until they loaded and sat there. And on that note, is there a player within the spawn chunks? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OBJECT PERMANENCE IN THIS WORLD

I cant anymore, I just cant, this is the insane ramblings of a madman devoid of sunlight. There is so, so, SO much more to talk about, like how the player doesnt need oxygen (As seen in the End) but cant breathe underwater for one, or how we supposedly have 20 beating hearts, or other stupid things that I take too literally.

In short, the player is a magical being who is able to absorb items, magically either steal the body or create a new one, destroy a tree with a bare hand in 3 and a half minutes, and can control object permanence.

Thank you, and help me please.

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The player is obviously a Time Lord from Doctor Who:

  • The inventory is bigger on the inside, like a TARDIS or the Doctor’s pockets
  • When they leave an area and come back, they travel back in time to when they left, so the iron is not smelted
  • Changing your skin is just regeneration
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