Tinkerer's Quilt crashing on second launch (first is fine)

I’ve downloaded and redownloaded Java 17- both the recommended one on the Tinkerer’s mod page, as well as the jdk straight from Oracle (and made sure to ‘browse’ to its location in the settings of the launcher, and made sure to only have one java on my computer at a time).
I’ve tried this both on Prism Launcher 6.3, and on MultiMC 5. On both of them, it sets up fine. I can go in, make worlds, use the mods, etc. However, once I close Minecraft, and try to launch the instance again, it crashes with Exit Code 1 (aka never launches).
Could someone take a look at my log, see if there are any obvious fixes I could do?
(Thank you!)

(^^the log, hopefully that works bc the whole thing is too long to copy/paste into here)

that looks like an issue with switchy resource packs’ config file, can you upload config/switchy_resource_packs/config.toml please?

default: true

enabled = false

En = [“vanilla”, “continuity/default”, “continuity/glass_pane_culling_fix”, “QDResLoader Resources”, “Sully’s Peeves.zip”, “VanillaTweaks_r324798.zip”, “axolotl_bucket_variants-1.19.zip”, “bedrockwaters/resources”, “charmonium/journeyman”, “lambdabettergrass/default”, “xali’s Enchanted Books v0.12.0.zip”, “Fabrication”, “Fabrication grayscale”]
Lea = [“vanilla”, “continuity/default”, “continuity/glass_pane_culling_fix”, “QDResLoader Resources”, “Sully’s Peeves.zip”, “VanillaTweaks_r324798.zip”, “axolotl_bucket_variants-1.19.zip”, “bedrockwaters/resources”, “charmonium/journeyman”, “lambdabettergrass/default”, “xali’s Enchanted Books v0.12.0.zip”, “Fabrication”, “Fabrication grayscale”]
Velly = [“vanilla”, “continuity/default”, “continuity/glass_pane_culling_fix”, “QDResLoader Resources”, “Sully’s Peeves.zip”, “VanillaTweaks_r324798.zip”, “axolotl_bucket_variants-1.19.zip”, “bedrockwaters/resources”, “charmonium/journeyman”, “lambdabettergrass/default”, “xali’s Enchanted Books v0.12.0.zip”, “Fabrication”, “Fabrication grayscale”]




				 = ["vanilla", "continuity/default", "continuity/glass_pane_culling_fix", "QDResLoader Resources", "Sully's Peeves.zip", "VanillaTweaks_r324798.zip", "axolotl_bucket_variants-1.19.zip", "bedrockwaters/resources", "charmonium/journeyman", "lambdabettergrass/default", "xali's Enchanted Books v0.12.0.zip", "Fabrication", "Fabrication grayscale"]

(^^thats all of it. thank you for taking a look!)

it looks like keys with . in them aren’t getting escaped properly, try replacing the last section with just

"P.I.N.K" = ["vanilla", "continuity/default", ... etc]

cc @sisby-folk as this looks like a bug with switchy resource packs

:dragon: oh huh, we never thought to try putting dots in preset names to confirm they didn’t break anything anywhere. Oops.

I’m pretty sure Garden System (devs) are just using quilt config with a valueMap here - is it known whether quilt config breaks when setting keys in valuemaps to things with periods in them?

To be clear this will crash every load if its saving in an invalid format - use the config option to disable the mod (it’s disabled by default in TQuilt, so I figure you wanted the feature)

Oh my gods that was it, thank you Abbie!
lmao I didn’t expect to be discovering a bug today. guess I’m staying away from everything but letters from now on, just to be on the safe side :)

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