TOK: A New Conquest Crashes Due to Text File

When trying to load Tale of Kingdoms, it works fine initially. After loading minecraft a second time, I get Quilt Loader error: “Unknown mod: <mods>/taleofkingdoms/worlds/New World.conquestworld”. The file is just a text file and not a mod, though.
I tried to file a bug report on TOK github but my account is flagged…
Using Quilt 0.18.1-beta17

Quilt loader 0.18.x doesn’t allow any files, other than .jar/.disabled/.index to be in the mods folder. If deleting the file is not possible (the mod might be generating it every time), downgrade to Quilt loader 0.17.6.

edit: Hold on, it looks like the file isn’t even in the mods folder? Still, downgrading should work.

Sorry I should have clarified - you can use 0.18.x, but only if you add a file named quilt_loader_ignored to the folder - which will make loader skip that folder (and any sub-folders inside that folder).

More details are on the (new) wiki: Mod Loading Behaviour · QuiltMC/quilt-loader Wiki · GitHub

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