Uha idk wats cussing this but i keep getting this errr just trying lunch

was told by luncer uplode my craash report here ---- Crashed! ----Date/Time: 2023/01/17 17:05:09.4948-- Crash --org.qu - Pastebin.com

I cannot figure out this issue either. Some mod seems to be referencing something that has never existed. I recommend you follow this guide to find the mod:

The binary search is a way of finding a faulty thing among a lot of other things, without having to remove the things one-by-one. This is useful for finding a broken mod among hundreds of mods, without having to spend time testing the mods one-by-one.
The procedure is simple:

  1. Remove half of the existing things, and put them aside.
  2. Run the program / game.
  3. Does the issue still exist?
    If YES: Repeat from step 1 with the current things.
    IF NO: Swap out the current things with the ones set aside, and repeat from step 1.
  4. Repeat this process until the problematic thing/s have been found.
    Credit to the Forge Discord for these instructions.

1 worked removing half the mods

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