Unable to properly install quiltMC server

Hi there! I do apologize if this is question is a bit too similar to other questions but I couldn’t find anything specific to my question so hopefully it’s okay to post this.

I’m trying to install quilt for a personal server, as instructed on your website. The first time I installed it, the only files in the server folder were the ones under the “library” folder - the two launcher JARs were missing. So I was confused and looked up what to do about it, and found out they were just missing. Oh okay, so I reinstalled the server and realized it manually unclicked the “download server .jar” option (which was enabled by default) when I was choosing my selections. I figured that must have been the culprit, reinstalled, and sure enough the two .jars appeared. Perfect!

Foolishly, because I’m not a programmer and didn’t know how exactly to make a .bat folder, I clicked on the two .jars seeing if they would let me run the server without running the .bat. No luck so I tried doing the .bat. I got a crash report that I couldn’t read (again, not a programmer). But I figured it had to be because of the extra files running the two .jars had created, and decided to just re-install the server and move the other to my recycling bin.

But when I did that, the .jars weren’t present in the new file. Concerned, I figured the problem must somehow be that the two .jars are present in another folder in my recycling bin (I know there is no logical reason for this). So of course, like a logical person (I am being sarcastic) I deleted it. Tried installing it again and the .jars still aren’t there. Uh oh! Tried re-installing the installer, no luck. Tried restarting my computer, no luck.

I’ve heard that Java won’t install instances of quilt for some users (obviously using the java loader since im trying to install a server) but the post I saw about it said the quilt window just kept loading forever. That’s not the case for me - every time quilt lets me do it, and says its successful, I’m just specifically missing the .jar files except for that one time when the stars aligned and I managed to install it. I’ve tried re-installing a comical amount of times and haven’t had any luck.

I was wondering if my firewall could be blocking it but I don’t think it is. I’m attempting to install this on a pretty old windows 7 computer so I can’t guarantee that some secret antivirus that I don’t know about is blocking it but windows isn’t quarantining it and so idk where else it would be. And like, it installed once just fine, and I’ve restarted my computer since then so it shouldn’t see it as spam.

Any chance anything can be done about this or am I just outta luck since java can be temperamental? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

According to Github it seems that it is impossible for Quilt to generate .bat scripts.

Clicking on quilt-server-launch.jar is a way to launch a server, albeit a very basic one, so if you are trying to launch the server with a GUI (clicking on quilt-server-launch.jar) , you will need to accept Mojang’s EULA by opening eula,txt, changing false to true, and saving the file. Then open quilt-server-launch.jar. Assuming that Java is properly installed, the server window should appear. If not, then Java is probably not installed. ( To confirm that it is, open Command Prompt and type java -version and hit Enter. If you get a version, make sure that it is at least 17, since 17 is needed to run 1.18+.)

The quilt installer jar works normally for me, but if it doesn’t for you then put those two jars back into the folder they came from.

Re-installation (besides to get the server jars) is pointless if you’ve done it that many times. And also, the firewall has nothing to do with it (unless you want to open ports to let anyone on the internet play on your server, which is a completely different topic.)

This is a very brief guide on how to get a barebones server running without any memory limits or other important settings. For a true guide to starting a server, see https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials/Setting_up_a_server, which is a great guide. Most of its information applies to Quilt.

Again, this is a very condensed reply, for more info see the link I mentioned before.

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