Uncaught exception in thread "main"

I’m just getting back into Minecraft modding since 2019. It’s a lot different. Anyway, here’s the crash Unknown Log [#87Oo42n] - mclo.gs (First/old crash, from Quilt window)

Edit: Got this log from Roaming.minecraft\logs instead of the Quilt window log:

Download this mod. I believe you will need to sign into github

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Installed, ran, crashed. heres the new crash log: Unknown Log [#a7pq6XP] - mclo.gs

I dont see it in your mod list, did you add it to the right mods folder?

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AppData\Roaming.minecraft\mods ? Haven’t done this in a while. I’ll try again.
Edit: MixinExtras-0.1.1.jar correct?

Yep. not sure what it is then. I have to go for the night, hopefully someone else can help.

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Thank you for speedy replies!! Have a goodnight.

Try updating your Luggage version https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/luggage/files/4284469

I don’t think you can just add MixinExtras like a mod, because it doesn’t have a mod json, so the loader will just ignore it. It has to be bundled

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Thank you thank you! That did it! Wish I knew how to read crash logs!

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