Admin Board Election: Week 2

Hi everyone

Last week, we decided that the Admin Board needed to be expanded, and as such we’re holding a new election in accordance with the procedure outlined in the in-progress RFC 47 (for more information on why this is, please see the original announcement). Yesterday, candidate submissions closed, and voting will continue until 16:00 GMT on Sunday the 7th of August. If all goes well, we’ll announce the two new admin board members shortly after.

In accordance with the RFC, we’re using Single Transferrable Vote (video) to elect the new board members, using a site called RCV123, which securely collects ballots and calculates the results on our behalf. Results are not available until after the vote concludes, which means no live election commentary streams, and while I know you’re all sorely disappointed, the feeling will pass with time.

We’ll have an update for you when voting concludes next week!