The "ban the user above you" forum game

I ban Southpaw1496 for bad taste in forums

I ban IMS for having a default avatar

I ban Emma for playing too much EMC

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I ban both of you for not explaining what EMC is

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I ban byte for trying to ban two people

I ban God.

No, I’m not kidding.

I ban Byte for making a religion out of Southpaw

I ban will_bl for not making a religion out of Southpaw

I ban onlykroks for owning too many programming languages.

I ban will_bl and onlykroks for assuming I was making a religion out of Southpaw.

I ban woodiertexas because three is a nice number.

New high score!

I ban byte for invalid high score. (High score was NaN)

I ban WoodierTexas for deliberately recording the wrong high score.

I ban God again, just to be sure.
I ban shrimp, they’re gross and I don’t like to eat them.

I ban Terry Crews’ left nipple. It probably looks weird, I dunno, I haven’t checked.

I ban everyone who just imagined Terry Crews’ left nipple. Yes, that includes me.

I ban byte for bringing nipples into a forum game

I Ban jamalam for not bringing nipples into the convo.

i ban zOnlyKroks for only wearing kroks

I ban magenta for not having anything immediately obvious that I could ban her for sorry if I used wrong pronouns there, I believe that's right?

I ban jamalam for not having a good reason to ban me
yes that's right, any of the listed ones are fine

I ban Magenta for sending too many messages here

I Ban Magenta for Not only wearing Kroks. Normal Shoes < Kroks

I ban zOnlyKroks for not following the format and answering a previous message

Wait a minute, that's illegal