The "ban the user above you" forum game

I ban redblueflame for being a moderator

I ban TacoMonkey for not being a moderator

I ban Starchild for beeing a Moderator :>

I ban zOnlyKroks for using the same ban reason as someone else

I ban Forkk for using their first post on this game

i ban redblueflame for talking about how forkk used his first reply on the forum game

i ban woodiertexas for not capitalising I

I ban will_bl for not finishing their sentence

I ban redblueflame for misinterpreting my reference to the word I as a usage of the word I, therefore thinking that my sentence didn’t finish because, much like this one, it ended with I

I ban will_bl for their wildly confusing explanation

I ban mounderfod for not explaining why will_bl’s explanation was confusing

I ban woody for needing an explanation

I ban Magenta for being a color

I ban the starchildren for taking too long to set up the forum

Spoilerjk y'all did great

I ban Emmaffle for not setting up the forum herself

i ban snoozestudios for eating the quilt forum

I ban God again for ban evasion

I ban myself for various tomfoolery

I ban woodiertexas for starting this thread

I ban $HIGHEST_SCORE + 1 people to obtain a new high score. Sorry, it had to be done.

i ban byte for too many bans in one go

i ban starchild for not being a colour

I ban magenta for not banning the last person to send a message